Ljund (UK)

Ljund Intelligence

available to your business soon

A slim version of Ljund Intelligence for the micro-business.
Perfect for:
- Sole Traders
- First time CRM users
- Businesses needing a lift in sales
small business
Flagship version for businesses with 5-50 employees.
Perfect for:
- Growing Businesses
- Busy Sales Departments
- Existing CRM Upgrades
Corporate edition is Ljund Intelligence built just for the bigger business.
Perfect for:
- Businesses with over 50 employees
- Large Departments
- Keeping everyone in your business up to date
Tailor-made Ljund Intelligence for your enterprise.
Perfect for:
- Specialised businesses
- Integrating with existing systems
- Operating your business
Company, Staff and Shared Diaries High Grade Secure Storage Enterprise Social Integration Multiple User Collaboration